1. How does the TarCutter filter work? How does it pull tar & other chemicals and not filter out THC?

The TarCutter filter works using activated charcoal to pull tar out of the smoke solution while limiting absorption of THC and other components within the cannabis smoke. Although some THC is absorbed, it is minimal in nature, as noted in our research as well as review of the literature. Learn more about the science behind the TarCutter here.

2. Will the charcoal diminish the terpenes?

Some of the terpenes are removed from the smoke during the filtration process. That being said, the vast majority (>90%) of TarCutter users, said that they don’t feel that their flavor profile is affected due to the fact that the harshness of the smoke is taken out, and they receive a more flavorful smoke in return.

3. Does the TarCutter help reduce resin buildup in the downstream and bong?

Yes, by removing the tar from the smoke, there is less resin/residue build up in your pipe, keeping your glassware cleaner. Unfortunately, for those that are interested in dabbing, this might be a little bit of a drawback, However there’s always residue left in the bowl for those that are interested in dabbing afterwards.

4. I thought carbon filters were bad for you?

The bad reputation of carbon filters comes from the the carbon dust that can be involved, which can be harmful to your lungs. When the TarCutter is properly set up (How to Assemble Your TarCutter) with the carbon filled to the top of the glass, crunched down when securing the top of the filter and blown through from both ends, carbon dust is removed from the filter. In testing our device,  we found there is the possibility of a scant amount of carbon dust remaining in the filter, however, by using the TarCutter with any standard bong that has water filtration, any remaining carbon dust is eliminated. At the end of the day, smoking itself introduces carbon particles into the lungs, and the TarCutter minimizes the amount of tar and other harmful components that are carried in your smoke.

5. What about carbon fallout, where micro pieces of carbon got into peoples lungs?

This a great point and a fundamental part of the studies we conducted with the TarCutter. Part of the reason why you blow through the TarCutter before attaching it to the bong is to, in essence, blow out any residual carbon dust from the process of filling it. We also discussed this with the testing lab as well as organic chemists and engineers when we were running the testing. The idea is that after you blow through it and remove any carbon dust, the water inside the bong will trap any remaining carbon particles, therefore minimizing any risk to the end consumer. 

What this concept is alluding to is called “coal miners lung”, which is a type of pneumoconiosis (chronic lung inflammatory condition, of which there are four different types) that coal miners and chronic smokers may develop over the course of many years of being exposed to carbon dust. It is an excellent question/concern and is something that we addressed initially before we even started studying the TarCutter, due to the fact that it is an activated carbon filter. That is the main reason, as well, that we agreed to specifically use organic coconut carbon for the filter, is because it would minimize the amount of carbon dust exposure. 

At the end of the day, the consumer is still “smoking” and that will expose the person to carbon particles from whatever process they are using to consume their flower. Even vaping will develop carcinogenic and carbon-like particles to be aerosolized and inhaled. By setting up the TarCutter in the recommended method, and using it in any type of bong, any exposure to carbon particles is pretty much mitigated.

6. How often do I need to change out the carbon?

The carbon should be changed after about an ounce of flower has been smoked through it, or once you find that you aren’t able to pull as much smoke through it. You may also see that the inside of the TarCutter will turn a burnt orange color and that is when you know it’s time to clean it and replace the carbon. When you order carbon it comes with 3 capsules and each capsule will fill up the larger size twice.

7. How do I clean the TarCutter?

We recommend using Resolution Cleaning Kit, found on our website. It comes with ResGel, a non-toxic water pipe and glass pipe cleaning solution that is perfect for your TarCutter. All you need to do is take apart your TarCutter, throw away the used coconut carbon, and put the entire disassembled TarCutter unit into the ResGel. Seal the bag, shake it up, and let it sit for 5 minutes. Then you can take out the pieces, rinse them off in warm water, and take off any remaining residue by using the additional cleaning components in your Resolution Cleaning Kit. Now your TarCutter is as good as new and it’s time to refill your carbon! Check out this video to see the whole process: https://youtu.be/PNOa5dp5jwo